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Forging Part
Forging Part

Forging Part

SMPRE® Rebar Coupler
Rebar couplers are used in reinforced concrete cement structures to replace the system of lapping & welding in reinforcement. Couplers are used...
SMPRE® V Type Rebar Coupler
A kind of rebar coupler with screws that are designed to shear off at a specified torque. For making a splice between two fixed bars instead of...
SMPRE® Bolt Rebar Coupler
The Bolt rebar coupler is a mechanical connector for 10 to 40 mm diameter reinforcing-steel B500B. The positive transfer of tension and pressure...
SMPRE® Rebar Couplers
Rebar couplers are components which connect two reinforcing bars in longitudinal direction, forming a mechanical splice. This is an...
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